Did you miss the tour for the original Iron Sky back in 2012? The TOUR SHIRTS were given to lucky fans who participated the premiere tour in Finland and now you can pretend you were there! The other shirt in this bundle features the RHEINGOLD, the Nazi scout ship in which Renate travels to the moon and back (if you’ll be, if you’ll be my baby).

Original price: 10€ + 19,90€

10,00 €
Temporarily out of stock


Temporarily out of stock

Everything must go! Only a very limited quantities of these original Iron Sky t-shirts available. We only have XL and XXL sizes left (XL for the tour, XXL for the Rheingold), so this is perfect your you BIG BOIS out there. Also works as a pyjama shirt, though.

TOUR 2012:
100% cotton
-chest & waist: 116 cm
-length from shoulder: 79 cm

100% cotton
-chest & waist: 124 cm
-length from shoulder: 80 cm

Shirt designed by UK-based graphic designer / art director TOM MULLER. More about his work here: http://www.hellomuller.com/

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